Why You Should Buy a Roomba Vacuum in the Next 5 Days

Why You Should Buy a Roomba Vacuum in the Next 5 Days

With consumers appetite for robotic technology continuing to grow, we anticipate domestic robots, which include robotic vacuums, mops and lawnmowers, to be one of the hottest gifts this coming holiday season. While there are many kinds of domestic robot brands, we believe iRobot’s Roomba vacuums and Braava wet floor products are two of the best domestic robots in their respective categories.

Although these and other domestic robots can seem expensive, early in the holiday season is the best time to save money on these high-tech gadgets. But how much can you save, and are you really getting the best deal? Over the last 2+ years, we have been tracking Roomba and Braava prices on iRobot’s website as well as at the company’s 4 larger North American retailers: Amazon, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond and Target. While historical results can not always predict future outcomes, our data suggests buying over the next 5 days maybe the best time to get a deal on a Roomba or Braava robot.

Roomba Vacuums. iRobot currently sells 5 different Roomba vacuum cleaners on the company’s website, which include the 980, 960, 890, 690 and 614. The Roomba 980 and 96o Series are the company’s premium vacuum cleaners, and normally retail for $900 and $800, respectively. These higher-end products have longer battery endurance, wifi connectivity, as well as stronger suction power than low-end models. Last Friday (Black Friday) and today (Cyber Monday), the 980 and 96o were selling for $800 and $700, respectively across all channels we tracked. This is in-line with last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts; however, if history repeats itself, this deal will only last through the end of week. Last year from Dec 2nd till the end of the month, both models returned to their original retail price. iRobot is also selling a low-end Roomba vacuum, 690 and 614, for $375 and $250, respectively across most channels, but given these are newer products, we do not have historical pricing on these product lines.

Braava Wet Floor. iRobot currently sells two kinds of wet floor products, Braava 380 and Braava Jet, which each normally retail for $300 and $200, respectively. Last Friday and today, the 380 and Jet were selling for $250 and $170 across most retail channels we checked, respectively. (Note the 380 and Jet were selling for $240 and $144, respectively on Amazon.) While both these product lines did not return to normal pricing after Dec 2nd last year, on average both the 380 and Jet Series saw prices steadily increase for the remainder of the year. Over the final 3 weeks in December, the Braava sold on average for $267 across the channels we checked. Meanwhile, the Jet sold for $182 over that same channels and time period. Regardless, consumers were able to save $12 – $17 if they bought on Black Friday, Cyber Monday or the following week.

While iRobot could extend their seasonal discounts longer than they did last holiday season, our data suggests the time to buy your Roomba or Braava maybe now if you want to capture the best price.

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