TSLA Earnings Primer

TSLA Earnings Primer

Here’s our Tesla earnings primer for tomorrow’s results. Find our TSLA model here.

High Level Thoughts. 

  • We believe the TSLA story has the most upside in large cap tech over the next 5 years.
  • The company released Sep-17 delivery numbers on Oct 2nd, below plan for Model 3. They reiterated their goal of exiting Dec-17 quarter producing 5k Model 3’s per week, and 10k at some point in 2018.
  • There is no cannibalization yet of Model X and S from Model 3. A second part of  the October announcement was strong demand for Model X and S, which is trending inline with Street expectations of ~100k Model S and X units for 2017.
  • One downside of Sep-17 results; production outlook chips away at investor confidence in the Model 3 ramp over the next year.
  • China is an emerging opportunity, with the government’s EV goals.

Model 3 Production. 

  • Tesla last updated Model 3 net reservations on Aug 2nd, when they stood at 455K.
  • For Dec-17 quarter, we’re expecting 5.6k Model 3 deliveries (Street at ~7k).
  • For 2018, we believe the Street expects Model 3 production of 150-175K vehicles.
  • While we believe Model 3 production will largely be a guessing game over the next few quarters, and will produce future disappointments, it’s important to note by now we believe Tesla has close to 475-500k net reservations for the Model 3, and we remain confident that Model 3’s value will stoke demand for the next several years.

Upcoming Questions:

  • How realistic is the Model 3 ramp?
  • Model S & X are not being cannibalized by Model 3 today. Do they expect that to change once Model 3 gets on the road?
  • Timing on profitability?
  • Timing on autonomy?
  • Will Tesla build a China factory given the relaxed China JV requirements?
  • Competition from Chinese brands will be an emerging topic with investors, given China’s goal for EV ultimately accounting for 11% of cars in 2019 and 12% in 2020.
  • In China, will some car OEMs have to buy credits from EV sellers like Tesla, if it builds a factory in China?

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