iPhone X In-Store Availability Now 10%; Online Lead Times Unchanged at 3-4 Weeks

iPhone X In-Store Availability Now 10%; Online Lead Times Unchanged at 3-4 Weeks

Conclusion. Based on our checks, iPhone X supply remains tight, and we expect it to remain in short supply for the next 4-8 weeks. We continue to expect the iPhone X to reach supply demand equilibrium sometime in January. That’s a slight positive for the outlook for Apple’s Mar-18 quarter.

10% In-Store Availability. iPhone X supply is tight in U.S. Apple Stores, but availability is improving. We’re monitoring iPhone X availability at U.S. Apple Stores daily, as well as global lead times. As of Friday morning (Nov 10th), 10% of iPhone X SKUs are available at Apple Stores in the U.S. for same day pick-up. Methodology: we checked 139 of the 271 Apple Stores in the U.S. across the four major carriers.

Below is the Verizon data for our in-store checks. The other 3 carriers’ data are not shown.

Online Lead Times Unchanged. As of Friday morning (Nov 1oth) we observed that global iPhone X lead times were unchanged compared to Sunday, Nov 5th. Prior to Sunday, we measured an improvement to a 3-4 week lead time from 5-6 weeks on Oct 31st.

Sample of 1, Pre-order Delivery Time Moved Up By 3 Weeks.  Steve Van Sloun from Loup ordered an iPhone X 64GB Space Gray through Verizon on October 27th at 5AM PT and was quoted a 5 week (Dec 2nd) shipping window.  Apple has moved up the delivery data to Nov 13th, 3 weeks earlier than expected.

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