Investing in Invisible Technologies

Investing in Invisible Technologies

We’re investing in Invisible as a play on our view that human-delivered automation will be a meaningful component of “AI” for the foreseeable future. We call it “human as AI,” and see it as part the following automation spectrum:

  • Pure AI
  • Human-in-the-loop AI
  • Human-as-AI
  • Pure human

As we outlined in our new manifesto, there are many professional tasks we would like to automate, but can’t with current AI solutions. For example, certain data scraping, travel booking, email management, and high-touch calendar scheduling tasks are things that AI is not prepared to do well and likely won’t be for several years.

Invisible leverages foreign-based, English-speaking labor to “automate” tasks based on specific processes, unlocking the dynamic intelligence of humans to deliver better results. The company has developed processes for several hundred common tasks that businesses and managers want to automate. They’re also able to create new processes in conjunction with clients and their labor providers.

As a marketplace, Invisible not only provides customers with great options for sophisticated automation delivered by humans but also creates high paying jobs in lower-wage countries. We believe the high relative wages that Invisible provides will create a large pool of international talent to enable wide-scale automation.

Humans will play a meaningful and evolving part of delivering and training AI over the next decade or more. We think Invisible’s vision to deliver the platform that enables humans to assist in automation will establish them as a leader in the human as AI space.

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