Investing in Enjoy

Investing in Enjoy

We’re investing in Enjoy as a counter-automation play on the future of retail. Read our thesis on retail’s future here. In short: retailers must either embrace full automation or compete on experience by focusing on uniquely human capabilities: creativity, community, and experience. We call it “empathic retail.” Enjoy delivers the future of retail by focusing squarely on empathic retail. Enjoy hand delivers products bought online from the world’s premier companies and delivers them with an experience. The service comes at no additional cost to consumers and it’s fast, with nearly 50% being delivered the same day.

Amazon is changing consumer expectations related to the price, availability, and delivery of products and services. But the in-person retail experience is outside of Amazon’s core competencies. Enjoy offers its premier companies (including AT&T, Sonos, DJI, and others) a high-touch, personalized delivery and setup service. Enjoy optimizes the customer experience, reduces returns, and increases customer satisfaction.

At the same time, automation technologies are already replacing retail jobs. Enjoy offers its team of Experts (delivery and setup employees) flexible work, salaried, with benefits – a transformative employment model for the new retail workforce. In our view, Enjoy is creating the optimal go-to-market channel for premium brands in the automation age.

Enjoy’s CEO, Ron Johnson, has spent his career innovating in retail. His experience as VP of Merchandising at Target, SVP and head of retail at Apple, and as CEO of JCPenney, along with his network of leaders at consumer electronics and luxury goods brands, uniquely positions Enjoy for success in these markets and beyond.

We’re excited to be a part of delivering retail’s future with the team at Enjoy.

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