Fortnite Season 8 Shows that F2P Competition is a Victory Royale for Gamers

Fortnite Season 8 Shows that F2P Competition is a Victory Royale for Gamers

Fortnite launched Season 8 on Thursday with some notable changes including a new battle pass with unlockable items, a significant map change, pirate cannons and, to the pleasure of many players, the removal of the X-4 Stormwing plane. Fortnite also improved its “World Marker” system, allowing players to mark certain items on the map, identify enemies, and see the distance away from a particular marker. These improvements are certainly not unique to Fortnite and may have been inspired by Apex Legends. Apex launched with a well-executed ping system, which players viewed as a great upgrade for a battle royale game. Fortnite’s quick improvement of the marker system shows that it’s taking community feedback to heart.

We recently wrote about Fortnite’s aggressive Overtime Challenges to win players back from Apex Legends, which likely cost Epic tens of millions in foregone revenue by offering the Season 8 Battle Pass for free. That decision, along with the recent updates to Fortnite, shows that gamers are better off in free-to-play games that have to iterate and improve on the fly. In the past, changes would only be incorporated in future releases of a game, with players having to pay for the new game. Free-to-play developers must always think about ways to better service their communities or risk losing players.

See the Fortnite Season 8 trailer below:

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