A 6-Month Roadmap for TSLA

A 6-Month Roadmap for TSLA

  • We remain positive on the Tesla story, given our view that near-term results (Sep-18 and Dec-18) will likely ease investor concerns regarding cash. Longer-term, talent retention will be a key indicator of greater upside to the Tesla story. Here’s a quick preview of the key metrics in the Sep-18 quarter:
  • Based on comments made in Musk’s September 7th blog post, we expect Tesla to produce 78.3k vehicles (including 53.5k Model 3s) in the Sep-18 quarter, up from 53.3k total vehicles (including 28.6k Model 3s) in the Jun-18 quarter.
  • We expect Model 3 gross margins of 15%, in line with guidance. Our expectation is based on the company limiting configurations to more expensive options, along with high-margin software conversion, yielding a higher ASP ($55k). We also expect the company to maintain its 20% Model 3 target for Dec-18.
  • We believe Tesla can generate more than $500M in free cash flow, compared to negative cash flow of $130M last quarter.

Bull-Bear Debate Will Likely Continue

While the company will likely hit its targets for production and profitability in Sep-18 and maintain similar profitability in Dec-18, the bull-bear discussion will continue. In place of concerns about production velocity, the central question of the continued debate will be Model 3 demand and gross margin. The U.S. tax credit will begin to fade, going from $7,500 through the end of 2018 to $3,750 in 2019. As Tesla works through pent-up demand and backlog of preorders, questions will arise about sustained demand. Further, investors will look for increasing gross margins as the company begins to sell lower-priced Model 3s, moving toward the base price of $35,000. 

Our Central Belief

Tesla has the best-positioned product roadmap in tech, creating and capturing value from the simultaneous transitions to EVs, autonomy, and sustainable energy. While demand for Model 3 may be lumpy over the next several years, we believe the car will successfully drive the electric transformation of the auto industry. In other words, if Model 3 can deliver on the demand that we anticipate, the company will have the resources to pursue other legs of its mission.

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