017 – Ana Maiques

017 – Ana Maiques

Ana Maiques is the CEO of Neuroelectrics. She completed her Bachelors in Economics at the Universitat de Barcelona and an MBA at London Metropolitan University.

Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Neurotechnology companies can sell research tools as a way to gain expertise and develop their technology.
  2. Neuroelectrics’ big advantage is the ability of their software to personalize stimulation parameters for their desired indications for use.
  3. Ana will only sell her devices to groups using them for medical purposes.

Show Notes

  • [0:54] Ana’s background.
  • [1:30] Using math and physics to decode brain signals.
  • [2:10] What Neuroelectrics is all about.
  • [3:10] The products Neuroelectrics currently has on the market.
  • [3:45] The disease indications for Neuroelectrics’ device.
  • [5:20] Who should you focus on, managed patients or refractory patients?
  • [7:18] Invasive vs. non-invasive neurostimulation and recording.
  • [8:35] Balancing research tools and medical devices.
  • [10:40] The software is what differentiates Neuroelectrics.
  • [12:10] Synthesizing product feedback.
  • [13:30] Other markets for Neuroelectrics.
  • [14:30] Neuroethics of cognitive enhancement.
  • [17:00] Ana’s favorite neuroscience books.

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