001 – Dr. Michael Merzenich

001 – Dr. Michael Merzenich

Dr. Michael Merzenich. Dr. Merzenich has spent his career studying the topic of brain plasticity. Currently, he serves as the Chief Scientific Officer at Posit Science. Dr. Merzenich is also a professor emeritus neuroscientist at UCSF. While at UCSF, Dr. Merzenich was on the team that developed the first cochlear implant. Over the course of his career, Dr. Merzenich has published more than 150 articles and has been granted over 100 patents. He recently released his book, Soft-Wired: How the New Science of Brain Plasticity Can Change Your Life.

Top 3 Takeaways.

  • The human brain changes over its lifetime, and can reorganize itself and form new connections between brain cells.
  • Training in brain plasticity can reduce or reverse effects of aging, and even help treat patients with psychiatric illnesses.
  • Ours brains can adapt and work in unison with technology.

Show Notes.

  • [1:22] Dr. Merzenich talks about his initial interests that lead him to Neuroscience.
  • [2:00] How researchers have thought about brain plasticity over time.
  • [3:47] How the plasticity of our brain changes as we age.
  • [5:22] Dr. Merzenich talks about the research that inspired Brain HQ.
  • [7:53] Current brain plasticity software tools and how they are used as treatment for individuals with psychiatric illnesses, compared to drug treatments.
  • [10:28] Dr. Merzenich’s work with on the first cochlear implant and the impact that brain plasticity had on the device.
  • [13:00] Outlook for neuro-prosthetic devices.
  • [14:25] Importance of manufacturers to design products with patient training in mind.
  • [15:02] Dr. Merzenich’s favorite books about neuroscience.
  • [16:12] The single thing that Dr. Merzenich to do every day to improve brain plasticity.
  • [17:11} What Dr. Merzenich would study and research if he were a first-year college student.

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