Feedback Loup: Apple Watch Streaming Music Passes Battery Test With Flying Colors

Yesterday, Apple released the much anticipated update to Apple Watch that enables music streaming over Apple Watches with LTE. We tested the impact of streaming music on Apple Watch’s battery and were surprised to find after 6 hours of music streaming (and two sets of AirPods), the battery charge on on our 42mm Apple Watch LTE went from 100% to 68%.  We had expected 6 hours of music streaming to bring our Apple Watch charge down to 20%.  To put the battery charge decline into perspective, we measured the battery for our Apple Watch with LTE without streaming music over the same 6 hour period, and found it went from 100% to 82%.  Kudos to Apple for a rare positive battery life surprise.

What Apple Watch Means to the Apple Story. We believe Apple Watch will provide fractional (~1%) upside to the Street numbers in FY18. We’re modeling for 59% Apple Watch unit growth in FY18 compared to the Street at ~25%. In total, we’re expecting 26m Apple Watches next year.

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